You have options to choose from when it comes to heat transfers, and when it comes to full color heat transfers, Supacolor has set the bar high. When choosing your heat transfer, there are certain qualities you should be sure to look for.

On the surface, one of the things about direct to film printing is that it can be great for small quantities, such as one or two-unit test runs and small orders. This certainly has its place, but how does it compare to Supacolor overall? In this article, we’ll take a look and explain why it’s either Supacolor or it’s not.

Here’s the product differences:

Color Vibrancy and Consistency

Supacolor’s 6-color process involves a combination of screen printing and digital printing. This delivers unmatched vibrancy and consistent color from order to order.


Supacolor screen prints its white based ink when creating transfers. By screen printing the white base it allows your prints to stay consistently vibrant on light and dark garments.


Supacolor is lab tested and certified to last 70+ washes without cracking or fading. Read the lab report results HERE.


It’s a part of our brands promise to be eco-friendly and chemically safe. Supacolor is kid safe, and our certifications include Prop 65, CPSIA and Oeko-Tex. So, make sure your transfer company is safe for both your customer and the environment.

Durability and Stretchability

Supacolor features a supasoft hand feel and industry leading stretchability.

By using the screen-printing process in combination with the full color digital, Supacolor has unmatched durability. This means that when stretched, our transfers rebound better than any other product on the market.

Wide Application

Supacolor offers specialized transfer types for virtually any fabric and different bleed levels. When using a one size fits all solution, the consistency and durability of application remains inconsistent.

Low Minimums

Supacolor has the lowest minimum among full color screen printed transfers, at just 10 pieces. This allows you to deliver your customers high quality, long lasting, durable full color prints with as low as 10 pieces.

Turnaround Time

Supacolor has a Supafast, industry leading turnaround. With factories all over the world, most orders ship within a few business days, no matter what the quantity.


Price transparency and the true cost of ownership

Supacolor prices are as advertised. Supacolor requires no printing equipment, inks or technical skills outside of a heat press.

At Supacolor we take all the upfront and ongoing investment cost, as well as the time investment for maintenance out of the equation. You send us your artwork, we send you Supacolor, no maintenance necessary.

We also take out the requirement for a skilled workforce. Pressing can be taught and therefore scaled quickly, with confidence.

Emerging Technology

Supacolor is always innovating and working supahard to bring you the highest quality transfer. We will continue to add the equipment and technology necessary to better our product and service.


At Supacolor, we value the garment decorating community and we think it’s fantastic that the heat applied transfer industry is finally starting to hit the mainstream. We firmly believe that heat transfer printing is an important part of every professional printer’s toolkit when it comes to decorating garments. The flexibility that transfers give you to make products on-demand, fulfill small orders and say yes to your customer’s requests that screen printing, embroidery or DTG can't handle, makes heat transfers an important part of the future of garment decorating.

At Supacolor we don't take shortcuts. We know that when you put a Supacolor on a garment it’s important that the colors are right and that you have the confidence that the print is going to last. We know that you build your reputation on our products, and that’s a responsibility we take very seriously. We believe that the best transfer manufacturing process must include screen printing, this is the foundation for Supa vibrant, eye-popping colors that last.

There is only one Supacolor. We help you make it.


Supacolour has made it Supaeasy to print this year's Leavers apparel with our new Leavers 22 template.

Use Supacolour to go beyond a one colour print, eliminate the need for weeding, and get unlimited colours, gradients and assurance your print will last 70+ washes. Your Leaver's garment should be something to be proud of, looks cool, feels soft, and will LAST!

Download the Supacolour Leaver's 22 template HERE and feel free to contact us with help placing you order.

Congrats Leavers!


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The Results Did Not Disappoint!

April 28th, 2021 – In the garment printing and manufacturing industry, understanding product quality is critical, as is compliance with government safety regulations. We proudly manufacture Supacolor on-site, in our factories in the US, UK and New Zealand, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Therefore, Supacolour has implemented thorough, laboratory testing procedures on our products, conducted by certified, third parties.

First, we engaged a U.S laboratory called Intertek Testing Services, for a rigorous review of our heat transfer’s durability through machine washing. The results were stellar. No damage (such as cracking or color fading) was seen on our prints until the 70th wash cycle, at which point only minimal cracking began to appear. To view the full wash test report, download the PDF here.

Next, we underwent child safety testing in regard to product safety testing. Our goal was to confirm that our products meet a range of safety specifications, particularly for children’s products regarding the toxicity of materials. We’re proud to announce that our water based, phthalate free, lead free inks and adhesives passed these tests with flying colors.

Click the links below to view the full safety reports:

Download the Supacolor Wearable Transfer CPSIA compliance report

Download the Supacolor Headwear Transfer CPSIA compliance report

Download the Supacolor Promotional Transfer CPSIA compliance report

Download the Supacolor Sub Blocker Transfer CPSIA compliance report

Download the Supacolor Softshell Blocker Transfer CPSIA compliance report

Supacolour prides itself on making a product of unparalleled quality, and compliant with the most stringent safety measures. Not only are we Supafast and Supaeasy, we’re also Supapremium and Supasafe!

In this video Stan Banks discusses our third party machine wash test. Click to watch