Why Awesome Customer Support Matters in the Heat Transfer World

Supacolor has set the bar high. When choosing your heat transfer, there are certain qualities you should be sure to look for.

Why SupaDTF is Big News for Small Businesses

If you run an online store, a print shop, or your own fashion label, SupaDTF might just be the best thing to come along this year. Why? Because with no minimum orders, you can say yes to more opportunities. Here’s just a few to get you started.

How to Get Unstuck with the Pricing Discussion - Value Selling

Years ago, I heard this gem of a phrase regarding money and business, “You don’t get paid what you are worth; you get paid what you negotiate.”

What You Need to Add a Heat Pressing Department to Your Printing Business

Incorporating a heat-pressing department into your screen-printing business can change the way you think about your operations. Taking on low minimum jobs and high color counts can evolve from being an inconvenience to a great way to increase your revenue.

7 Keys to Building Credibility

How often are you thinking about credibility?  Let's consider that from the viewpoint of the only people that matter: your customers.  Credibility is simply Trust, with a capital "T."

How Heat Transfers Turned a One-Off Project into a Long-Term Relationship

The turning point for Clockwork came when a local little league approached them as a potential client. The league consisted of 15 teams and required custom jerseys for 300 players, featuring three designs with three different placements - a job way too complex for what they could fulfill at the time. (story continues below).

Heat Transfer Technology Pushed Danger Press into the Future of Printing.

Based in Atlanta, GA., Danger Press is a prominent, full-service garment decorating business with capabilities including screen printing, heat transfers, live printing events, and drop shipping. Danger Press is considered one of the leading print business in the southeast region of the Untied States.

Prioritize Your Day

He said to me, “I’m so stressed out. I’ve been working fifteen and sixteen-hour days for weeks on end. I can’t seem to get off the work treadmill ever. I need help!” Sound familiar?

Supatools to Help You Grow

We’re not just a heat transfer company, we're a partner that lets you focus on what you do best.

Build A Personal Connection With Your Customer

Fact: 100% of your customers are people. Also a fact: Everything you do should be 100% about your customer.

Why Supacolor is The World’s Best Heat Transfer

Supacolour has set the bar high. When choosing your heat transfer, there are certain qualities you should be sure to look for.

Is The Dog Barking?

Think about anything and everything you buy. Whether it is ice cream or a new car, something about that particular brand convinces you to make that purchase. This is the dog that constantly barks. (cont.)

How Supacolour is Changing the Game.

Supacolour is six years old this month. To celebrate our anniversary, I wanted to share our journey – how we went from one factory with three employees to ...

Get Out of Your Cave

Do you remember March of 2020? I do. That’s when the NBA shut down due to COVID-19 and the rest of the world followed suit. I won’t bore you with details because you already know

Supacolor, Makers of The World’s Best Heat Transfers, to Add Gang Sheets

Garment Printing Industry Leader Shakes Things Up with New Offering March 1st, 2022 (Los Angeles, CA.) -Supacolour, makers of The World’s Best Heat Transfer™, has announced that their Supafam will now be able to submit multiple designs (a process known as ganging) on a single heat transfer sheet. Previously, Supacolour was only sold as a […]

Supacolour's New 'Leavers 22' Template

Supacolour has made it Supaeasy to print this year's Leavers apparel with our new Leavers 22 template.

How Fashion Designer Natalia Trevino Uses Supacolour

Born in Spain and having lived in Mexico for years, Natalia Trevino is a US based fashion designer and the host of the ‘Unfiltered Fashion Talks‘ podcast. Her brand, Natalia Trevino Amaro, creates timeless, classic pieces designed for anyone and everyone to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. With ethical production being a [...]

Supacolor Helps Screen Printing and Embroidery Businesses Make It.

With locations in the US, UK and New Zealand, Supacolor manufactures a proprietary heat transfer product, revolutionizing the garment decorating industry by empowering professional printers, clothing brands, brokers, crafters and entrepreneurs. We create the world's best heat transfer, but there's so much more to our story. Our roots are in screen printing and garment decorating, […]

SupaBill's Supatip's Episode 4 - "Capping it Off"

SupaBill is back with a tip of the cap! In this episode, watch and learn the proper method of hat decoration using Supacolour's headwear heat transfer.

SupaBill's Supatips Episode 3 - "How to Print Tote Bags with Supacolour Heat Transfers"

Liberate yourself from only pressing t-shirts, and start generating additional revenue printing on bags, lanyards, umbrellas and more! In this video, SupaBill demonstrates how Supaeasy it is to print tote bags with Supacolor's promotional heat transfers.

SupaBill's Supatips Episode 2 - "How to Peel Supacolour Heat Transfers"

Watch as SupaBill, our heat transfer Supahero, addresses the most common issues with peeling Supacolour heat transfers.

SupaBill's Supatips Episode 1 -  "Going Manual"

In this video, Supacolor's very own garment decorating expert, SupaBill, demonstrates how to print Supacolor heat transfers with a manual heat press

How to Create T-Shirt Designs with Canva for Printing with Supacolour

You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to create awesome artwork for your t-shirt business! In this video, I walk you through how to create artwork using Canva (for free!)

How Supacolour Helps Screen Printing Businesses Grow

At Supacolour, we make the world’s best heat transfer, but there is so much more to our story

Does Supacolor Belong in a Screen Printing Shop?

Video Transcribed Below: Hey guys Kev from Veteran Screen Printing, today we're going to go over no other than Supacolor transfers are they or should they be in a screen-printing shop well we're going to dive into it go over the numbers go over the cost. All right so we've been getting asked a lot […]

Customizing Products with Supacolour Promotional Heat Transfers

Be a leader in the field of customized promotional items with Supacolour Promotional Heat Transfers

Making Merch with Digital Underground’s Money B

Recording artist Money B of the iconic hip hop group Digital Underground prints his own merch with Supacolour.

Supachill ASMR with WhispersRed and Supacolor

Why is Supacolor making ASMR Videos? Meeting the printing demands of your clients can be stressful, we get it! We know your business. After all, we share the same heritage; rooted in screen printing and garment decorating. We want you relaxed and stress free, so we collaborated with Youtube ASMR sensation WhispersRed to create a […]

How This 10-Year-Old Started His Clothing Brand With Supacolor

While the other kids are playing video games and laying around on their tablets, 10-year-old Irvington, New Jersey native Khyree Ali is in his bedroom dreaming up new designs for the latest collection from his clothing brand. “Positive Tees by Khyree” was created with the help of Khyree’s parents and powered by the easy to […]

Supacolour Publishes Machine Wash Test & Product Safety Compliance Reports

The Results Did Not Disappoint! April 28th, 2021 – In the garment printing and manufacturing industry, understanding product quality is critical, as is compliance with government safety regulations. We proudly manufacture Supacolor on-site, in our factories in the US, UK and New Zealand, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Therefore, Supacolour has implemented […]

La Phoenix Shop Joins the Supacolour Supafam

Inspired Mexican Ancestry Culminates in a Home Based e-Commerce Business   Supacolour prides itself on giving entrepreneurs the tools they need to grow. After all, we are more than the world's best heat transfer, we’re also a service and a partner. Just this year, La Phoenix Shop (an online boutique carrying clothing and accessories that […]

Better, Faster, Stronger… with Supacolour

How a Professional Print Shop Used Supacolour to Thrive During the Pandemic

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