Supatools to Help You Grow

We're thrilled that you've joined the Supafam and we look forward to helping you make it in business and in life!

Helping people grow is an attitude that runs deep through our culture. We’re not just a heat transfer company, we're a partner that lets you focus on what you do best: creating, producing, designing, building, selling and succeeding.

Read on for Supatools to help you along your journey!

We stand with people who never quit. The hustlers. The hungry. The obsessed achievers. Those who don't just see potential but make it happen.

Versatile for almost any fabric

Supacolour comes in several different transfer types, each one uniquely designed for specific fabrics and garments.

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"Supacolour it!"

With Supacolour, anyone with a heat press can print garments like a pro.

Check out these pressing instructions to help you out along your way!

Learn from the pros

From tutorials on how to use our ordering software, to tips on growing your business and testimonials from our Supafam, we've got videos that will inform and inspire you.

How to set up your art

Supacolour renders incredible detail with crisp, clean edges in over a million vivid colors and gradients. Here’s how to optimize your files for perfect reproduction.

Use our sizing templates

Our sizing templates make it Supaeasy to resize and save your art for us. We have included downloadable templates for Photoshop, Illustrator, and a PDF.