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Get Out of Your Cave

Do you remember March of 2020? I do. That’s when the NBA shut down due to COVID-19 and the rest of the world followed suit. I won’t bore you with details because you already know

How Fashion Designer Natalia Trevino Uses Supacolour

Born in Spain and having lived in Mexico for years, Natalia Trevino is a US based fashion designer and the host of the ‘Unfiltered Fashion Talks‘ podcast. Her brand, Natalia Trevino Amaro, creates timeless, classic pieces designed for anyone and everyone to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. With ethical production being a [...]

Supacolor Helps Screen Printing and Embroidery Businesses Make It.

With locations in the US, UK and New Zealand, Supacolor manufactures a proprietary heat transfer product, revolutionizing the garment decorating industry by empowering professional printers, clothing brands, brokers, crafters and entrepreneurs. We create the world's best heat transfer, but there's so much more to our story. Our roots are in screen printing and garment decorating, […]

SupaBill's Supatip's Episode 4 - "Capping it Off"

SupaBill is back with a tip of the cap! In this episode, watch and learn the proper method of hat decoration using Supacolour's headwear heat transfer.

SupaBill's Supatips Episode 3 - "How to Print Tote Bags with Supacolour Heat Transfers"

Liberate yourself from only pressing t-shirts, and start generating additional revenue printing on bags, lanyards, umbrellas and more! In this video, SupaBill demonstrates how Supaeasy it is to print tote bags with Supacolor's promotional heat transfers.

SupaBill's Supatips Episode 2 - "How to Peel Supacolour Heat Transfers"

Watch as SupaBill, our heat transfer Supahero, addresses the most common issues with peeling Supacolour heat transfers.

SupaBill's Supatips Episode 1 -  "Going Manual"

In this video, Supacolor's very own garment decorating expert, SupaBill, demonstrates how to print Supacolor heat transfers with a manual heat press

How to Create T-Shirt Designs with Canva for Printing with Supacolour

You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to create awesome artwork for your t-shirt business! In this video, I walk you through how to create artwork using Canva (for free!)

Customizing Products with Supacolour Promotional Heat Transfers

Be a leader in the field of customized promotional items with Supacolour Promotional Heat Transfers

Sending Your Artwork to Supacolor is Supaeasy!

Did you know we have a template tool on Supacolor.com?
Watch as our partner Gary from T-shirt Help Desk explains how to send us your artwork

How to Place an Order. Step by Step Video Guide.

Welcome to Supacolor! We are super excited you're here. In this video we're going to show you how to place an order with us. Placing an order with Supacolor is Supafast, Supaeasy and in no time you'll have your Supacolor.

How To Set the Right Pressure for Supacolour

Your boy Big Brandoh is back with how to dial in pressure settings for your manual heat press.

Sending Your Artwork to Supacolour is Supaeasy!

It's Supaeasy to order from Supacolour! Watch as our partner Gary from TshirtHelpDesk.com explains how to send us your art.

How to Press a Hoodie with Supacolor

Supastar Stan Banks stopped by the Supacolor headquarters to demonstrate the proper technique to heat press a hoodie.

How to Avoid Wrinkles in Your Heat Transfers After Washing

Do your heat transfers sometimes wrinkle after washing? Well Big Brandoh and Supacolor have some answers.

Easiest Way to Start Your Own Clothing Brand

Ever wanted to launch and grow your own clothing brand. Well our good friend Reyes the Entrepreneur has made a very special video just for you

Supacolour Welcomes Kirsten Thompson to the Supafam

Georgia-Based Online Entrepreneur Forges Alliance with the World’s Best Heat Transfer Company

How to Decorate Masks Using Supacolour Heat Transfers

Supacolour made the World's Best Heat Transfer fit for your face.

Gratitude is The Best Attitude

At this time of year we are most thankful for you our supporters. Our gratitude goes to you for inspiring us every day.

Are Custom Heat Transfers The Best Way to Start a T-shirt Business?

Noted small business coach and entrepreneur Gary over at T-shirt Help Desk shares in this latest video why the T-shirt industry will never be the same and why Supacolour transfers are changing the game.

Best Heat Transfer with Reyes the Entrepreneur

Noted business opportunity expert and YouTube phenom Reyes the Entrepreneur shares why he thinks Supacolour is the best custom heat transfer company.

How To Use Supacolour For Your Brands

Noted heat transfer and apparel branding expert Big Brandoh is back showing how he uses Supacolour transfers for his brand. “Easiest way for me to test out multi-colour designs before I risk all my money

Supacolor vs Screen Printed T Shirt

In this video Big Brandoh compares a screen printed T shirt and a T shirt pressed with a Supacolour Transfer.

Print T-shirts At Home In 15 Seconds

Hey our good friend Gary over at T-shirt Help Desk has put out a great video on starting a T-shirt business from your home. It’s really helpful for those looking to get into the biz and Surprise! He uses Supacolor transfers because of all their amazing features and ease of use.

Heat Transfer Wash Test. Supafast, Supaeasy, Supadurable!

Heat transfer expert Big Brandoh shares his real world Heat Transfer Wash Test using Supacolour Wearable transfers. Wonder how we look after 40, 50, and even 60+ washes? Watch this video to see how we do. Our Wearable, Blocker and Soft Shell Blocker heat transfers not only give you unlimited colours and unlimited gradients, but […]

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