Heat Transfer Wash Test. Supafast, Supaeasy, Supadurable!

Heat transfer expert Big Brandoh shares his real world Heat Transfer Wash Test using Supacolour Wearable transfers. Wonder how we look after 40, 50, and even 60+ washes? Watch this video to see how we do. Our Wearable, Blocker and Soft Shell Blocker heat transfers not only give you unlimited colours and unlimited gradients, but also long lasting durability after repeated washing. Big Brandoh shows you in close up detail how our transfers look after 60+ washes. Supacolour regularly wash tests our washable line of transfers for 50+ washes to ensure performance. You are going to be impressed with how Supacolor transfers hold up!

Thanks to Big Brandoh for taking the time to share this video. He’s got a lot of great content on his site, YouTube and Patreon channels that you’ll want to check out.

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