Making Merch with Digital Underground’s Money B

Recording artist Money B of the iconic hip hop group Digital Underground prints his own merch with Supacolor.

Money B's career includes work with 2Pac and Shock G aka Humpty Hump, with the selling of merchandise playing a important role in his business endeavors. 

Forbes Magazine on musician's merch:

"A lot of time, thought, effort, energy and money now go into creating an artist’s range of merchandise, and it typically changes with every new era of their career. For some acts, that could mean new products roll out every few months or once a year. Those new products certainly do help pad paychecks, but now musicians and their teams are being forced to think more about what they want to sell, because merchandise has gone from a small revenue stream to one of the most important ways a superstar or even the upstart band around the corner interacts with their fans..."

Knowing just how important selling merchandise is to an artist's career, Supacolor prides itself on providing them with the tools they need to increase profits.

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Click below to watch a video featuring Stan Banks of Tshirt Side Hustle and Money B of Digital Underground printing shirts with Supacolor!

In this video, Money B works with Stan Banks from Tshirt Side Hustle to print his own merchandise with Supacolor