How Supacolour Helps Screen Printing Businesses Grow

At Supacolor, we make the world’s best heat transfer, but there is so much more to our story. Prior to launching Supacolor, our founders Mike Modgill and Bill Armitt spent many years professionally running screen print and embroidery shops. The garment decorating business is in our DNA! It wasn’t until 2016 that Mike & Bill decided to mix digital printing with screen printing, giving birth to Supacolor and forever changing how garments, headwear and bags could be decorated.

Supacolor was created to address the most common screen printing business pain points: small quantity jobs, made to order requests, tight deadlines, and printing complex, multicolored or photorealistic graphic designs. We provide the tools to allow garment printing businesses to focus on what they do best: creating, producing, designing, and above all SELLING.

So how exactly can Supacolor help your business grow?

1. Say “yes” to your client’s toughest requests!

Perhaps the strongest case for screen printers to add Supacolor to their toolkit, is the ability to tell their customers YES. Yes, you can take on that small quantity and still make a profit. Yes, you can print photorealistic, unlimited colors and free-floating images without having to count colors or screens.  Yes, you can print in tough locations that might be otherwise hard to reach on a pallet. By saying yes to your customers, you can sell more, and we make it Supaeasy!

2. Supafast Turnaround time.

After submitting your artwork to our website, you’ll have your Supacolor in-hand within days. Your clients have deadlines, and the pressures is on – we get it! With Supacolor, you will be printing in no time. With our industry leading turn around time, most orders in by 12pm Monday through Friday, ship the next business day. And best of all, no rush charges! 

3. Supaeasy to print.

The Supacolor application process is extremely easy and does not require a special skill set or extensive training. Anyone with a heat press can print like a pro. Use the equipment you probably already have to decorate more items and grow your business. Get high quality printing with affordable machinery and lower cost labor. Want to grow even more? Invest in a compressed air operated heat press for faster production. With these types of heat presses, Supacolor can be pressed in as little as 10 seconds and with an immediate, hot peel.

4. Print on a variety of garments and in places not thought possible.

Supacolor isn’t just for t-shirts. In addition to cottons, we make our unique transfer-types in custom sizes and shapes, created specifically for a wide array of garments. From sublimated polyesters, to softshell fabrics, headwear or even promotional items like bags, coolers, shoes and umbrellas, Supacolor is the Swiss army knife of decorating. We help you to do more!

5. Supapremium quality.

Supacolor is manufactured with water-based inks. Our Wearable, Blocker and Softshell Blocker transfers are lab tested to withstand up to 70 machine washes without cracking, fading or peeling. Our transfers have a luxurious soft hand feel, with great stretch and elasticity. Making it an excellent choice for common t-shirt, children’s clothing, and fitness apparel. 

6.  Optimize your print production.

Use Supacolor for your most complex or colorful artwork saving your screen print machinery for the more lucrative, simpler jobs.  Supacolor your polyester garment jobs so that you don’t have to change your dryer temps to maximize productivity and limit downtime. What about that job for 50 hoodies and a 12-color design? Supacolor it! Don’t spend time counting colors and prepping screens, when you can quickly decorate these with Supacolor and heat press.

7.  Preferred Pricing.

Supacolor offers preferred dealer pricing to all professional decorators. This adds to your margins and saves you some money.  Does your shop do high volume heat transfer printing?  Check in with our sales team to see how we can help you more.

If you would like to find out how Supacolor can help you extend your machinery and say yes to more jobs, reach out to and we will show you how.

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