La Phoenix Shop Joins the Supacolour Supafam

Inspired Mexican Ancestry Culminates in a Home Based e-Commerce Business


Supacolour prides itself on giving entrepreneurs the tools they need to grow. After all, we are more than the world's best heat transfer, we’re also a service and a partner.

Just this year, La Phoenix Shop (an online boutique carrying clothing and accessories that draw on influences from Mexican culture) began using Supacolour to create some of their merchandise. Owned and operated in Bakersfield, CA by Diego Salas, La Phoenix Shop’s most popular items include garments – printed with Supacolor – that feature playful graphics such as their “I Love You More Than Pan Dulce” and “El Luchador” t-shirts.

“The past year living here in the U.S and having much of my family back in Mexico, I found that we should not take things for granted. I have not been able to travel to Mexico to see them and it has been hard, however through my business I feel like I am closer to them.” Diego tells us. “ I have had people send me messages saying that they relate to my designs, and people at pop-up events laugh with me over Mexican TV shows from years ago. It’s like I am with family. That being said, its important my designs are printed exactly as I envision them, and Supacolor helps make that happen.”

Check out this video of Diego discussing how he prints his designs with Supacolor, here:

As La Phoenix Shop continues to grow, Diego has plans to help his family financially and to create a scholarship fund to give back to his community. Supacolour is extremely proud to join Diego on his path and we welcome him to the Supafam!

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