Lo Melt Blocker.

Print gear without fear.

Not only does this heat transfer go on at a lower temperature, it also has a blocker layer to stop dye migration. Perfect for complex fabrics and sublimated blends.

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Lo Melt Blocker is the best heat transfer for:

  • Patterned polyester fabrics.
    Shirts, sportswear and more where there is a pattern already on the fabric.
  • Sublimated polyester fabrics prone to dye migration.
    Coloured fabrics that were dyed using heat-to-transfer dye onto the polyester.
  • Technical and Stretchy Fabrics.
    Performance wear, including tri-blends, spandex, Dri-fit etc.

Our Low Melt Blocker heat transfers includes our famous screen printed layer of water-based white ink, as well as our dye blocker.

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Lo Melt Blocker.

It will stick to water-resistant fabrics. For fabrics that are 100% waterproof, we recommend the promo transfer.

Yes – it comes with a blocker version, which should be used for fabrics you expect to bleed, like sublimated polyester and heavily patterned fabrics.

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Only if there are no seams where you’re pressing the transfer. Lo Melt will crack on seams, so if it’s a six panel cap or there are seams, use the Headwear transfer.

1-2 days.

Nope, just the cost of the transfers and shipping (which is calculated at checkout).

The same way you order our current products - just select LM (Lo Melt) or LB (Low Melt Blocker).

Low melt means a lower temperature, typically 260-270F. Press for 12-15 seconds at 40PSI/firm. Click here for instructions.

Standard shipping - 1-2 days.

Yes - x10 transfers or x10 gang sheets.

Yes - it is the same ink technology as our other products, which all use water-based inks without hidden plastics, certified by OEKO-TEK.

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